Hot & Cold Water systems:

Replacement of any vented or unvented hot water cylinder: We specialise in cylinder replacement and can also provide horizontal cylinders or cylinders made to any custom size/pressure from a range of materials.

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Replacement Cold Water Storage Tanks: Is your old tank showing signs of leaking, corrosion, missing lid or the tank and surrounding pipework uninsulated? We can supply tanks of any size and complete the installation to include insulation, screened overflow and breather cap as required by the current Water Regulations.

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Water Softener replacement or new installation: Some areas of the UK suffer badly from the negative effects of “Hard Water”, that is water containing a high level of dissolved magnesium, calcium and/or iron salts. When these salts are deposited onto surfaces such as taps, baths, sinks and toilets etc. it looks rather unsightly and takes time effort and chemicals to keep things at bay.

More importantly when deposited inside of appliances such as kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, storage cylinders and heating boilers it can lead to an expensive repair bill and increased energy consumption.

Did you know just a 1mm deposit of scale inside your hot water cylinder or kettle can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Also hard water does not “lather up” as easily as softened water adding up to 50% more consumption of cleaning agents, detergents and disinfectant agents.

We can supply a range of Water Softeners for any type of property. The installation of a water softener is generally very simple and easily completed in a single day with little or no disruption to the household water supply.


Installation of physical water conditioning units: These devices work by altering the characteristics of the minerals within the water supply to help prevent limescale forming. They will not soften the water but considerable benefits can be derived from the reduction of deposited hard scale within the treated water system.

The flexible nature of their design offers a range of benefits including lower running costs, simple installation and low maintenance. Chemical free operation ensures the composition of the treated water remains largely unchanged, which is particularly important on potable water supplies.


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