We can’t thank NWP enough.

When we purchased a rural derelict property with next to no plumbing we anticipated a long lead in time before we could get the property habitable and move out of the static caravan which we had placed on site.

Following an initial survey and quotation, the engineers from NWP were soon on site and completed the initial phase of the project.

This included installing a completely new drainage network within the ground floor slab and waste pipes across to both new kitchen & bathroom locations. The drainage pipes were terminated in the old “Cesspit” which we are informed requires upgrading and a replacement is now planned for the next phase of the project.

A large farmhouse kitchen was installed to include all the usual appliances along with a new bathroom which contained a multi-jet shower and large cast iron slipper bath. The whole system operates tremendously with hot water being supplied through an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder and pressure accumulator. We are pleased we took the advice to upgrade the incoming water supply particularly as we are still to install 2 more bathrooms on the next phase to provide facilities for the 6 or 8 bedrooms that will follow into next year.

We have purchased a large 35kW wood burning stove to assist with the cooking and heating. The Guys at NWP say they haven’t seen a stove quite so large and have jokingly nicknamed it “Chernobyl”. You’ll need your own forest to keep up with that one they laughed.

However, we are confident with their technical background and close industry connections NWP will provide a great working solution to link everything together with an Oil fired boiler and modern energy saving controls.

David & Elaine Nicholls

We had previously rented out our cottage and during that time our letting agents had sent an array of so called plumbers around to deal with problems from a poorly performing shower. Now we have moved back in, we could see the shower was still under performing and having invited NWP to investigate, we were informed that many aspects of previous work were substandard.

The shower mixer was receiving unbalanced pressures due to the hot water being fed by a low head vented cylinder whilst the cold was supplied directly from the mains. The pipework to the shower was undersized and the route taken did not allow for natural venting of air through the open vent pipe. Also we still had an old open cold water storage tank in the loft space that was becoming contaminated with insect matter and general grime from the surrounding environment. The tank had also been raised in a vain attempt to increase the pressure of the hot water. The existing hot water cylinder was lagged with a scruffy old jacket and we were informed this would be wasting considerable energy.

Having considered various options, it was decided to bring everything up to current standards. Martin at NWP had already established that the incoming water pressure was good, although the flow rate across the house reflected the old undersize pipework that had been installed years previously.

In order to deal with the old tank and inefficient hot water cylinder in one go it was recommended that we install an unvented system although flow rate remained an issue. Martin explained there could be ways around this without replacing the undersized pipework or requirements for any pressure boosting pumps. Martin also demonstrated how pressure accumulators function.

As we only have the shower, sink, basin, w/c and washing machine we agreed to go ahead firstly with the installation of an unvented hot water cylinder, and then dependent on performance of the shower, we could install a pressure accumulator at a later date if we felt it necessary.

The installation was completed in less than a day, no additional pipework or disturbance to the house outside of the airing cupboard was required and we could see the improvement immediately.

We now have a plumbing system that is up to current standards and considering that the old tanks are gone, the cylinder is no longer costing us a fortune to run and we have a terrific shower, we were surprised at how affordable this project has turned out to be.

Sharron & Steve - Clophill

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